Appellate Law—a complex set of rules and practices

After a decision is given in a trial by a trial judge or jury, the party who loses has the right to have the decision reviewed by a higher court.  Appellate law consists of the rules and practices by which higher courts review lower court judgments.  Federal and state appellants typically have a right to make one appeal to an intermediate appellate court. However, the highest courts in each jurisdiction—the U.S. Supreme Court and most state supreme courts—have discretionary review. The losing side in the intermediate appellate court can petition the higher court for review, but the higher court is not required to take the case. 

Record of significant appellate decisions 

Jones, Flygare, Brown & Wharton, P.C. practices in the following appellate courts—

  • All Texas intermediate courts of appeal
  • The Texas Supreme Court
  • The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

All of the attorneys at Jones, Flygare, Brown & Wharton, P.C. are experienced at appellate law, and four of the firm’s attorneys have argued appeals before the Supreme Court of Texas. The firm has a track record of achieving significant decisions through its appellate practice, and several of these decisions have been responsible for changing Texas law.

The firm’s attorneys argue appeals before a wide range of local, state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Texas.  The firm handles appeals both for cases it has already tried and for cases referred by other attorneys less experienced in the appellate process.  Among the topics presented for appeal are—

  • Legal and factual sufficiency of jury verdicts
  • Jurisdiction
  • Procedural and evidentiary issues
  • Insurance coverage questions
  • Statutory construction and interpretation

Jones, Flygare, Brown & Wharton, P.C. handles appeals throughout Texas, including all 14 of the intermediate courts of appeal, the Texas Supreme Court, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The firm has an impressive reputation throughout West Texas and beyond for its appellate expertise.  

Contact the Lubbock firm with a history of obtaining successful and significant appellate decisions

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